FS Check Valves

Ratings :-

The Cast Iron Swing check type Reflux Valves are strictly manufactured as per IS: 5312 Part-I. These Valves are generally used to maintain flow of water in only one direction and stop the return flow of water. They are self operative by pressure only. These valves are used in water main lines all over the world especially in hilly areas. These can be fitted in horizontal position.

Codes and standards:
Design and Manufacturing IS 5312 (Part 1): 2004
Valve face to face dimensions IS 5312 (Part 1): 2004
Valve Inspection and Testing IS 5312 (Part 1): 2004
Flange Standard IS 1538/BS 10 Table D/E
Size Range 50mm TO 300mm
Body, Door, Hinge, Cover, Door Ring Cast Iron, Spheroidal Cast Iron
Hinge Pin, Door Pin and Door Suspension Pin Stainless Steel, High tensile brass
Body seat rings Leaded tin bronze, Stainless steel
Door face rings Leaded tin bronze, Natural/synthetic Rubber,Stainless Steel
Bearing bushes/Bearing block Leaded tin bronze, P.T.F.E.
Plug for Hinge pin/ Air release plug Leaded tin bronze, Stainless Steel
Bolts Carbon steel (Class 4.6) Carbon steel (Class 4.0)
Gaskets Natural Rubber (Type B), CAF
PN Rating Test Pressure for Test Pressure MPa (Gauge)
PN 1.0 Body 1.5
Seat 1
PN 1.6 Body 2.4
Seat 1.6